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With over 17 years industry experience, Solutions Building Group provides building solutions and repairs to commercial properties across Perth and surrounding areas.

The fully licensed services we provide include:

  • Construction and repairs to commercial and residential properties
  • Emergency repairs
  • Damage assessment
  • Disaster response
  • Roofing repairs
  • Thermal image scanning
  • Painting
  • Strata repairs
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How We Work


Efficient customer communication

When you assign a claim with Solutions Building Group, an SMS will automatically be sent to the insurance policy holder. This will be followed up with a call from our friendly customer service team to book an inspection time.

Policyholders will be given brochures and information to help them understand the process of their insurance claim.

Once a claim has been approved, one of our reliable tradespeople will be in touch with the client within 24 hours.


Large loss claims

Solutions Building Group has two fully registered builders who take responsibility for managing large loss claims. These experienced professionals are able to manage all major loss repairs, ensuring all works meet the necessary Australian standards.


Fast track claims

Our specially created FastTrack team takes responsibility for claims of up to $10,000 as well as emergency repairs. By managing only small claims, our team are able to speed up the repair process, reduce claim life and increase customer satisfaction.


Peak periods

Our standby team enables us to double or even triple our field staff during peak periods, allowing us to provide additional customer service coordinators, supervisors and trade partners to help expedite the claim and repair process and provide fast turnaround quotes.

Trained trade providers are on call around the clock to carry out assessments, photograph damage and compile a scope of works and costings. This enables our admin team to value add these services and reduce wait times for policyholders.


Trade flow & work allocation

Our reliable contractors interact with our business through our innovative online portal. This custom-built program is developed around a sophisticated algorithm that allocates trade partners based on turnaround times and repair performance, therefore minimising the claim life of each job.

Solutions Building Group is connected to hundreds of quality trade suppliers from around Perth. In order to improve customer service, we are continually seeking ways to streamline the repair process and control costs.

Where possible, we use multi-skilled tradespeople as a way of saving money for insurers and minimising the impact of repairs on property owners.

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