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Big storms, damaging winds and bushfires can cause massive damage and leave your policyholders or strata residents without a functioning workplace or a safe place to call home.

At Solutions Building Group, we have a large team of customer service and repair coordinators, as well as Trade Partners on standby who are ready to respond immediately to a catastrophic event.

Our long-established disaster response services include

  • Immediate response teams - 365 days a year
  • SMS and phone communication with policyholders
  • Emergency temporary repairs
  • Fast damage assessment and quotes
  • Standby customer service coordinators, supervisors and trades

Catastrophe response team

After a natural disaster, Solutions Building’s Catastrophe Standby Team is on call to spring into action and respond to all clients within an hour of receiving their claim.

With connections to hundreds of qualified and highly skilled tradespeople. We are able to ensure the most urgent issues are dealt with while simultaneously managing the needs of properties that have suffered from minor damage.

We will keep in touch with your policyholders and manage their expectations so that they feel they are being looked after.

Why choose Solutions Building Group?

As a fully licensed construction and building repair supplier for the insurance industry, we have proven repeatedly that we are able to provide excellent response times and outstanding service during times of natural disaster.

Key to the success of our catastrophe response plan are:

  • 24/7, 365 day per year service for both residential and commercial property
  • User-friendly online client portal for the easy booking and tracking of claims
  • A policy of contacting insurance clients within one hour of their claim being allocated
  • Effective strategies for prioritising claims
  • Trained staff on standby to assist with increased demand during busy times
  • A large team of skilled tradespeople on call to respond quickly to emergencies

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